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The Three Waiters


Singing Waiters...

The Three Waiters involves three talented singers posing as “real” waiters at your event, hoaxing and amusing your guests before revealing themselves as singing waiters in a thrilling operatic performance a la The Three Tenors.

Our three singing waiters do all the things you expect waiters to do: helping people to their seats, serving drinks where appropriate, generally being helpful and charming, so that throughout the evening the guests completely accept them as part of the service staff.

Each singing waiter is different: Alfredo, the Italian, poses as the banqueting manager; he is well mannered and meticulous. Jean-Marc, the French waiter, is busily offering drinks to the guests, whilst our final third waiter dresses exactly as the other catering staff and neatly blends into the food service. 

So now the stage is set, and one by one, events begin to unfold...

  • As dinner is being served, Alfredo appears as banqueting manager and announces some lost property before unexpectedly bursting into song, briefly and beautifully, to the delight and amazement of the audience. Keeping in character Alfredo simply reveals that he was bet a modest sum of money that he couldn't "sing like de Pavarotti". 
  • Soon after Jean-Marc, the drinks waiter, takes to the stage and politely announces that another one of your guests has dared him to sing also - only this time a full aria! 
  • Jean-Marc's song finishes to huge applause, after which Alfredo, incensed, sends him from the room, saying he "will show you how Opera should be sung... by an Italian!"
  • Jean Marc returns after Alfredo's encore and the stage is set for a hilarious continental standoff right in the middle of the bemused dinner guests.
  • Jean-Marc and Alfredo agree to settle the debate and sing a song together - when suddenly, a third waiter bursts into the room singing brilliantly and upstaging both the Frenchman and the Italian! 
  • With our three performers revealed - The Three Waiters then becomes a Three Tenors singing extravaganza, with our singing waiters doing everything from Verdi to Elvis. It is only at the finale that their true identities are revealed, and The Three Waiters leave your guests cheering with napkins waving in the air